It’s accounts payable time again!

Do you dread the thought of doing your bookkeeping because you have to scramble around looking for all the invoices? If you are searching through a shoebox full of receipts and invoices your missing out on the miracle of modern technology. Move into the wonderful world of paperless accounting. Here at Accountix we are saving our customers time and money by using new and intuitive software to scan save and read invoices. These can even be used on your mobile phone while out and about or from you desktop computer.

How is it possible to save time and money

The easiest way to keep track of your paperwork and save time each quarter searching for it is with Receipt Bank. You can install a simple app onto your smart phone snap a picture of any receipts and they are sent directly to our practice platform ready for us to transfer to Xero, then reconcile to your bank account. Simple no more lost receipts therefore no more missing out on deductions you are entitled to.

Check out the following video for more on how you could save time and money.