So you’re starting a new business and trying to keep expenses to a minimum. You then came across forums telling you free accounting software is a way to save money. It might seem like a great idea at the time, but later on down the track your business takes off. Is it still a good idea? Possibly not.

There are so many free accounting software cloud options but how do I know which one to choose and will it grow with my business?

First you need to work out what features you need from an accounting package. For example will you need an inventory management system? Are you planning on hiring staff? Do you bill clients based on time and there fore need timed billing? Do you want to option to store files within the software? Have you ever maintained the accounts for a business before? If not it would be beneficial to have these set up for you by a bookkeeper from the start to save errors in the future.

Accounting software can do so much more than keep track of the money coming and going from a business. There are a lot of available plug-ins to incorporate with cloud soFree Accounting Softwareftware giving you a greater understanding of your real time business performance. You need to consider what information you want from your accounting system before you can decide what system to go with.

So taking everything into consideration getting free software might end up costing you more down the track if it doesn’t tick all the boxes and you need to move to a paid version, or your accountant may not know how to use the software you have chosen therefore on charging you the time it takes for them to lean a new package to check and extract the data they need.

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