wantinh to get your life back

If you find yourself working on your business 7 days a week you probably want to get your life back. The most common reasons for working every day are either cash flow or not knowing who to trust with these tasks. Trust takes time, however the cash flow issues are an issue that is very easily fixed if you think outside the box a little.

Take for example a mechanic whose charge out rate is $100 per hour. If he spends 4 hours doing his bookkeeping a week, his bookkeeping has cost him $400 in lost income, as he could have produced $400 in income during these 4 hours.

Instead of doing his own bookkeeping, the mechanic engages the services of an experienced bookkeeper, who can get the job done in half the time. If the bookkeeper charges $50 per hour, the cost is $100. An overall saving of $300.

It is very rare that bookkeepers service their own cars, why would a mechanic do their own bookkeeping?