This is no joke, marriages are breaking up because of the strains placed on the partners of business owners to do the business bookkeeping. This is mainly because it appears to be something easy for them to be doing.

The truth of business bookkeeping

The truth is that bookkeeping isn’t easy and the cost of getting it wrong can often lead to unintended undesirable outcomes, that often go undetected for long periods of time. When these problems are found it is usually by the accountant adding an extra cost to your tax returns to correct errors. Trying to fit bookkeeping in around running a house and bringing up children is hard. Bookkeeping is something that needs attention on a regular basis not just when you have a spare minute.

Becoming a bookkeeper is not someone you become by buying a bookkeeping package off the shelf at Officeworks or signing up for a free 14 day trial, and you suddenly become a bookkeeper. Despite what some accounting software providers want you to believe, bookkeeping is a profession that involves initial training and constant learning skills update to be able to perform the job effectively.

A trained competent bookkeeper can often get bookkeeping done more accurately in less than half the time of someone untrained.