BAS lodgement

If you are creating your BAS each quarter and thinking “I hope this is correct?” chances are you have not had the correct training required to lodge a BAS. Whilst it is easy creating a BAS in most accounting software packages, configuring the package isn’t. An accounting system is merely a complex database, however they follow the same principal as all databases ie. garbage in = garbage out.

The other factor to consider when lodging a BAS is time. You have to lodge on time to avoid any fines or penalties. This isn’t always easy if due dates coincide with other important issues your business has, this could simply be quoting on a large job. You would be better off putting your time and energies into the quoting and winning the job to increase your business.

Before lodging each BAS, we follow highly detailed procedures to check and ensure the accuracy of the data being lodged. Checks that untrained bookkeepers just don’t know or wouldn’t understand.

With the ATO data matching processes becoming more sophisticated by the day, lodging of BAS’s on time and correctly is becoming increasingly necessary to avoid receiving ATO fines and penalties.