Why do we keep asking for them?

You may wonder why we are constantly asking for invoices for all the transactions that show on your bank account. You need to keep these records to meet the requirements set out by the ATO. If you do not keep proper records the ATO may impose penalties.

How are getting rid of the paper?

Technology has found a way to overcome the need for keeping every piece of paper, giving you more space and the freedom to move your office to where ever you are.

Here at Accountix we stopped printing and filing paper years ago. We now have our supplier invoices stored in the cloud so we can access them when we need to from any internet enabled device. We are also helping our clients move away from having stacks of paper too. With the right technology there is no need to post drop off a bag of invoices any more. It is very simple to upload invoices with your mobile devise via the camera, or forward any invoices received via email straight to the inbox. Some suppliers will ask at the check out if you would like an invoice emailed out. We can customise the address for you to give them. You walk out of the store and never have to worry about that invoice again.

From here we handle the rest leaving you free to concentrate on working on your business and doing what you do best.