Best Invoicing App for Australian Tradesmen

By Shane Holbeck Nov 15, 2021

Australian tradesmen need an invoicing app that will help them charge people and do their jobs efficiently. So, what are the best invoicing apps for Australian tradesmen? Tradify Tradify is one of the best invoicing apps for Australian tradesmen because it allows them to create invoices easily. It also allows them to: Schedule workersCreate quotesTrack…

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How to Develop a Successful Business Strategy

By Kylie Holbeck Nov 1, 2021

Whilst there is, unfortunately, no single “secret sauce” for a successful business, great companies are seldom built without a solid strategy in place. A strong business strategy is a key ingredient for success, and it’s often what differentiates the winners and losers in any given industry.  A strategy is a long-term business plan that encompasses…

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7 Telltale Signs that It’s Time to Pivot Your Business

By Kylie Holbeck Oct 26, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has caused dramatic market shifts and forever changed the way that we do business. As a consequence, the word “pivot” seems to be floating around the internet rather a lot lately, but is it just another buzzword or is it something you seriously need to think about? What is a Business Pivot?…

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7 Things That Every Small Business Owner Should Be Doing

By Kylie Holbeck Oct 22, 2021

This article was published on 22nd October 2021 When you’re running a small business, it’s easy to get so preoccupied by day-to-day activities and forget to step back and see the bigger picture. However, it’s important to pause and take a good look at how your business is really faring. It’s also necessary to make…

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5 Common Startup Mistakes that New Entrepreneurs Make

By Kylie Holbeck Oct 19, 2021

No new business owner gets everything right, but it is important to be aware of the biggest mistakes so that you can avoid them and start off on the right note. By remaining financially conservative whilst valuing your products or services appropriately you can help to boost profit margins.

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Is Xero the best accounting software for small business

By Shane Holbeck Apr 16, 2020

Xero is the best accounting software for small business. As well as the traditional functionality, Xero also has what I would consider modern functionality.

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Is Xero the best accounting software for start-up businesses

By Shane Holbeck Apr 14, 2020

Xero accounting software allows streamlining of accounting in a way that is tailor-made for start-up businesses. Xero accounting software streamlines processes such as creating and sending invoices, inventory management, and payroll, among other critical accounting tasks.

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Superannuation for junior employees

By Shane Holbeck Apr 10, 2020

**** Update to post – In the 2021 Federal Budget delivered on 11/05/2021, it was announced that the government intended to remove the $450 per month super guarantee eligibility threshold from the 01/07/2022.  If passed as law, this may affect superannuation guarantee paid to some junior employees currently earning below $450 per month or working…

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business owner doing bookkeeping

Should you be doing the bookkeeping for your business

By Shane Holbeck Apr 7, 2020

Deciding if you should be doing the bookkeeping for your business will come down to whether you have experience, training and if your time is best spent doing other activities in the business. Learn if this is the best option as well as explore alternate solutions.

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Uber 4 business on Xero Connect

Xero Connect platform adds Uber for Business

By Shane Holbeck Mar 10, 2020

Earlier this month Xero announced that the Uber for Business integration was live on the Xero Connect platform. Uber now joins other service providers such as BP, Caltex and Reece onto the platform. The platform allows Xero to receive invoices directly into Xero from suppliers. Uber for Business allows businesses to receive a single monthly…

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