Is Xero the best accounting software for start-up businesses

If you are starting a new business, the most daunting task will be setting up a system to track your income and expenses. Fortunately, Xero accounting software allows streamlining of accounting in a way that is tailor-made for start-up businesses.

From its invoicing features and cloud-based accounting to its ability to integrate with third-party software, track ROI, streamline payroll, track inventory, and more, Xero is a top-choice. I have provided you with a detailed discussion of what features make Xero so reliable for start-up businesses.

Xero’s Invoicing Features

. This is often the case with owners of start-up businesses.

Personalize Your Invoices And Give Your Company A Professional Identity

Xero allows you to give your business a professional identity by providing the ability to personalize sales invoices.

Invoice set-up features include:

  • Invoice Design Templates
  • Branding themes
  • Upload Your Company Logo
  • Payment Terms

Cloud-Based Accounting Software of Xero

Xero accounting software is online and cloud-based. This allows users to automate daily business tasks and view their financial data in real-time from anywhere.

The manage contacts feature allows users to personalize the information related to contacts or customers. You can view the average amount of time it takes them to pay invoices and view invoices and payment history.

You can learn more about the Xero mobile accounting app here.

This article from the Ohio University Online Master Of Accountancy program recommends Xero accounting software for first-time users because the simplified user interface makes things easier for those with little accounting knowledge.

Xero and Third-Party Integration

Xero accounting software offers third-party app integration to enhance the functionality of the software.

Keep in mind that only those with the adviser or standard user role within the Xero accounting software program can connect to and manage third-party apps. If your role within the accounting software is a cashbook client or managed client user, you will need to ask your adviser to set-up third-party integration for you.

This is positive because it means that you have control over who in your business has access to the programs offered within Xero accounting software.

Xero Accounting Software Is Popular Among Students

The purpose of this resource is to provide small businesses with information on major systems to potentially reduce costs and increase efficiency. The University Of Maine Business School recommends Xero accounting software as user-friendly and affordable. In fact, it was mentioned as the best value for your money in Business News Daily.

Xero Offers Automated Bank Feeds

One of the hardest parts of running a business is staying on top of your bank transactions. Xero accounting software automatically imports transactions from your bank or financial organization directly into the program. This feature helps eliminate the need for you to manually import transactions.

You have multiple options when it comes to which feed you want to use to import banking transactions:

  • Direct feeds from your bank/financial institution
  • Yodlee
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Easily Track the Profitability of Each Project

The project summary report allows you to pull up a basic financial summary of a specific project.

The information displayed allows you to estimate the time a project takes to complete and the costs of the project. Xero accounting software allows you to link tasks such as travel and expenses such as new equipment to project costs.

Another major business expense made easier by Xero Accounting software is payroll.

Xero Accounting Software Is Designed To Streamline Payroll

 Xero Accounting software is designed to streamline payroll, which is often one of the more daunting tasks for start-up businesses.

  • Being able to provide employees with their own log-in to access timesheets, manage leave and view view rosters.
  • Taking care of most compliance tasks such as Super Choice and Single Touch Payroll
  • Automating payruns with no touch payroll

There are a few aspects of running a business that can become more complicated than taking care of payroll as you have to consider timesheets, pay slips, compliance, and payroll tax.

Fortunately, Xero has streamlined these tasks with the integration of the third-party payroll app, Keypay.

Stay Fully Stocked With Xero’s Inventory Management Feature

As a start-up business, proper inventory management is essential. This can become one of those important tasks that escape your grasp as you focus on tasks such as marketing and payroll.

Xero has you covered by providing you with the ability to:

  • Track stock levels and values
  • Calculate the value of goods you have on hand by using the average cost method
  • Import large numbers of inventory from a spreadsheet. Xero software comes with a CSV template built-in

You can also upload photos into the program to provide you with a visual reminder of your stock.

Xero Makes It Easy To Keep Tabs On Outstanding And Overdue Balances

Start-up businesses start to unravel when they fail to track money owed to them or the money they owe.

  • All
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

A contact list including contact information and account balances.

The features of Xero accounting software allow you to view which contractors owe you or you owe money to. You also have the ability to send invoices to customers or apply discounts to quotes.

Where Can I Buy Xero Accounting Software Resources?

You can also learn more about Xero accounting software by purchasing one of the following books: