Does ServiceM8 Work Offline?

When using apps to help manage a small business, having an offline option for your workers is very important. This is especially true when you do jobs in places that might not have mobile data service. This is why many people are curious if ServiceM8 works offline.

The ServiceM8 mobile app can be used offline. While most of its features will work normally while offline, there are a few that will not. These features include sending emails and receiving job updates. However, access to ServiceM8 through a web browser does not work offline.

We looked more into ServiceM8 to show you its benefits and why it’s a good thing that it can work offline. This might become your go-to app because of this feature!

What is ServiceM8?

First of all, ServiceM8 is a business app that is used to manage workers, jobs, and customers. It can be used for scheduling, job information, and many other things. (Source) It is used by both business owners and workers as a way to communicate and manage jobs.

It is used by small businesses, typically with a range of 1-20 workers. There isn’t a limit for the number of workers you can have, but this is the size of business that ServiceM8 was made to be used by. (Source)

ServiceM8 says that their service was designed for use by those who work in fields such as plumbing, electrical, pool service, IT service, and other contractors. Basically, it’s perfect for anyone who deals with a large volume of small jobs.

ServiceM8 can be found in the Apple App store, downloading the desktop app on your Mac/PC, or online by logging into their login page on a web browser on your computer.

What Can You Do With ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is a very useful service for both business owners and workers. It makes organization and communication easier for the leaders, workers, and customers.

Here is a list of the functions of ServiceM8:

  • Store current and past job detais
  • Navigation to job site
  • Client information and job history
  • Access the location of workers
  • Easy scheduling
  • Reminders for jobs
  • Create quotes and invoices
  • Different payment options, including on-site options
  • Emailing and texting options for contacting clients
  • Messaging between workers
  • Offline app access
  • Create forms such as inspection assessments
  • Online booking for clients
  • Pre-payments for booking


As you can see, ServiceM8 has a variety of functions and can be very helpful for small businesses that have a lot of jobs to keep track of.

Benefits of The App Being Accessible Offline

Some people might ask themselves, why is it important that this service is available offline? Here’s why:

Businesses that typically use ServiceM8 are those who travel to worksites to do jobs, like fixing plumbing or installing a roof. With jobs like these, you don’t know if the job site will have mobile data service. This poses a problem because your workers still need to be able to do things like navigate to the job site, check job descriptions, and process payments.

These are all things that can be done with the app. (Source) If they can’t use the app offline and have a job site without mobile data service, then there could be problems.

ServiceM8 fixes this problem by making their mobile app function even when it’s offline. A number of essential services can be done even if the worker does not have mobile data service. This allows the workers to do their job to the best of their abilities, no matter where they are.

What Features Aren’t Available Offline?

As we said, you can use the ServiceM8 mobile app offline. However, this app has a lot of different functions and features, and not all of them will work offline.

We tested the ServiceM8 app and found some functions of the ServiceM8 app that can not be used offline. You cannot use the email function nor the SMS functionality when offline . Also, job updates won’t be received until you go back online.

For many users, these may be just minor things. It will be reassuring to businesses to know that a lot of the other essential app functions can work no matter where they are.

On the other hand, the ServiceM8 web browser version doesn’t work unless you have an internet connection. So, if you are planning on being offline, make sure you are using the ServiceM8 app.

Downside of ServiceM8

Business owners need to be aware of one important downside of ServiceM8 mobile app: it is only available in the Apple App store. This means that you can’t get this app on an android device. (Source) This might pose a problem for small business owners, especially if their field workers do not have Apple devices. The desktop version of the app works on Mac or PC.

Why is it an Apple exclusive mobile app? ServiceM8 said that their mobile app is only available for Apple devices to maintain their app’s quality and reliability.

While they have valid reasons for being Apple-exclusive, this might be a dealbreaker for some small businesses. Make sure to take this fact into account before deciding to use ServiceM8.

Subscription Cost

The final thing to know about this app is how much it costs. Like most other services, you have to pay to use it. The ServiceM8 app itself is free, but to use it, you have to pay a monthly subscription.

There are 5 different subscription plans. They are the Lite, Starter, Growing, Premium, and Premium Plus. There are three main differences in these 5 plans.

The first difference is cost. Here are the costs for the different plans:

  • Lite plan – $9 per month
  • Starter plan – $29 per month
  • Growing plan – $79 per month
  • Premium plan – $149 per month
  • Premium Plus plan – $349 per month


The cost difference between these plans might seem shocking at first, but as you learn more about the differences between them it will make sense.

The next big difference is how many jobs per month you do. The Lite plan is only made to do 15 jobs per month, while the Growing plan is made to do 150 jobs per month. In contrast, the Premium Plus plan is made for 1500+ jobs per month.

The final difference between the plans is that the bigger plans come with extra useful features, such as job profitability.

ServiceM8 can sometimes put on very impressive subscription discounts to encourage you to sign up for the product. As we said on our Youtube video titled “ServiceM8 Lite Plan Pricing Blew Us Away” released November 2021 “We nearly dropped our calculators when we saw ServiceM8 were offering their lite plan for $1 per month for the first 12 months.”

If you are interested in seeing a full comparison of the different plans and their benefits, go to the ServiceM8 website.