Does Tradify Sync With Xero? What Are the Benefits?

If you are a person who works in a trade such as plumbing, electric, or construction, you’ll know that these jobs are not easy. In addition to re-wiring homes, climbing tall roofs, and occasionally finding yourself knee-deep in foul water, you have customers, invoices, receipts, quotes, and timesheets to manage, not to mention your own paychecks. Two companies can help you manage all these things virtually: Tradify and Xero.

Tradify, the job management software, has a two-way sync with Xero, which manages accounts and payments. This easy sync feature is free of charge and records changes made across both platforms seamlessly. In syncing the software, any company will benefit from less human error and quicker payments.

If this is your first time hearing about these companies, that’s okay! In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of installing this virtual business management and accounting software. We will also discuss the merits of syncing Tradify with Xero to help you build a perfectly streamlined business.

What Is Tradify?

Before we get into the details about syncing software and the benefits, let’s first talk about what Tradify even is and what it does.

“[Tradify is] job management software to help you save time on enquiries, quoting, scheduling, job tracking, invoicing, payments and more!”


Basically, it’s an app that you use to help run your business efficiently from within one place. You can record your hours, make payments, and calculate quotes and estimates with just a few button clicks. It can even dispatch employees. This saves you from having to keep track of manual bookkeeping, hard copy quotes, and piles of invoices. All that information is stored on Tradify, and it can send those things for you.

Tradify is software designed specifically for people in trade work, or “tradies,” as they are affectionately called. These are the plumbers, electricians, construction workers, fire-service workers, landscapers, home and industrial painters, and more! This is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Tradify works for anyone wanting to keep track of their business, small or large.

Tradify costs $39 per user, per month. This includes all features, including connection to Xero accounting software, if you have a Xero subscription. This also includes unlimited training and support throughout the life of the subscription, so if you ever have questions about any of the features, Tradify representatives are there to help.

For more information on how Tradify works, see Tradify explained in one minute here.

What Is Xero?

Now that we understand Tradify better, let’s talk about Xero.

“Xero is a powerful online accounting software solution. Run things smoothly, keep records tidy, and make compliance a breeze.”

Xero is a company founded in New Zealand that acts as an accounting software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is part of the Australian Securities Exchange, which manages trillions of dollars. So it is safe to say that Xero can be trusted business.

Xero is cloud-based (meaning that the platform is all online) and works in tandem with Tradify or other job management software to keep track of your company’s finances—from categorizing bank transactions and managing your monthly profits to updating you when customers have opened your invoices and helping you keep tabs on your overall cash flow.

Basically, Xero manages the money side of things. It can even help you collaborate with your company accountant, bookkeeper, and the rest of your team. Xero also protects your data with industrial-level encryption to ensure no vital information leaves your account, ever.

Do You Need Both?

Simply put, it would be advisable to have both Tradify and Xero, however if you already have an accounting package that is not Xero, you may wish to see if Tradify integrates with it. Tradify also syncs with Quickbooks and MYOB. On its own, Tradify costs $39 per user per month, and Xero’s standard package is $54 per month. The good news is, when you sign up for Tradify, you are able to sync Xero with the other software free of charge if you have subscriptions with the other products.

Tradify will cover things on the employee front: dispatching workers, managing schedules, and organizing jobs by priority. It can receive and manage inquiries from any email, website, or Facebook page. Xero, on the other hand, will manage things on the money front, such as managing your bank accounts and making sure everybody gets paid on time. Both are important pillars of managing a successful business, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having access to both platforms.

A Two-Way Sync

The word “sync” stands for synchronization. Like synchronized swimmers moving their bodies in tandem, software or applications, when synced to each other, work together to produce greater results than they would on their own.

Xero is a third-party platform that Tradify has partnered with to help streamline your business and keep everything, from finances to invoices to employees, streamlined and on track. Simply put, if you were to create an invoice in Tradify, make any changes, payments, or credit notes, that same information will automatically update across to Xero as soon as you click “approve.” Information that is put into Xero will automatically send to Tradify as well. This is what is meant by the two-way sync.

Benefits of Syncing the Software

There are many benefits to syncing Tradify with Xero. Here are a few:

  1. Less double entry. Usually, having two separate business managing platforms means double the entries, double the work, double the time! While Xero and Tradify work just fine on their own, and this method is certainly an option, syncing the two platforms eliminates the need to enter data twice. This will save you loads of time in the long run.
  2. Get paid faster. Yes, that’s right! And if money isn’t a great motivator, we don’t know what is! Tradify allows you to set up automated payment reminders for unpaid invoices, invoices that are sent directly from Xero. This streamlines the whole process.
  3. Eliminate human error. Less double entry equals less chance of entering the wrong data! An additional perk that comes from syncing Xero with Tradify.
  4. See whether invoices are paid. As soon as you send invoices through Xero, Tradify will allow you to see if they are paid, unpaid, or overdue. These instant notifications save you the hassle of having to dig through the invoices yourself to find what you need.