How Do I Send an Invoice from ServiceM8 to Xero?

After switching to brand new software like ServiceM8 and Xero, there’s an adjustment process. For a couple of days, you might not know how to do much with either program. But don’t worry, soon you’ll be using both ServiceM8 and Xero like a pro, starting with knowing how to send invoices from ServiceM8 to Xero.

To send an invoice from ServiceM8 to Xero, there is a series of easy steps that is accessible on ServiceM8’s website that guides you through the process. For example, invoices may not be sent to Xero until approved in ServiceM8.

In this article, we’ll learn how to send an invoice from ServiceM8 to Xero, some details about both companies, and about how well the two programs work together.

What is ServiceM8?

ServiceM8 is an Australia-based company designed for small businesses. It’s not just for any small business, though. ServiceM8 is specifically designed to assist home service companies and contractors in making their job management easier.

ServiceM8 makes it possible for this type of business to keep all of its information under one umbrella. Client calls, jobs, scheduling, quoting, invoicing, and payment can all able be done through ServiceM8. What makes ServiceM8 great is that it is easy to use on the go, which makes it possible to quote and invoice on-site, manage jobs and staff from anywhere, and even finish some paperwork, all from wherever you are.

Users of ServiceM8 love how much more efficient their business has become as they’ve become more involved with ServiceM8. In a blog post on the Xero website it is claimed “In the first three months of using serviceM8, customers are able to do 30% more work thanks to the efficiencies they gain”. It’s because ServiceM8 helps them to use their time wisely and not waste it on things that don’t need to take a long time.

One great feature offered and advertised by ServiceM8 is their ability to sync with an accounting package. They even offer a way to sign up for their services through Xero.

What is Xero?

Xero is a New Zealand-based company that is also designed to help out small businesses, and it’s used by over 3 million subscribers around the world. Unlike ServiceM8, Xero is easily applicable to all types of businesses, from family bakeries and catering companies to contractors. This is because Xero offers an easy-to-use accounting software that’s necessary for most businesses.

Like ServiceM8, Xero is made to be used on mobile devices and is ready to make your job easier wherever you are. Xero gives you easy access to a real-time view of cash flow, whether it’s paying bills, accepting payments, or reconciling your bank accounts. Additionally, you can send invoices and be notified when they’re opened, track projects, and respond to queries from your accountant or bookkeeper.

This sounds like a lot of features, but really, that’s just a scratch on the surface of all the things that Xero can help your small business accomplish. Did you know that Xero can accept over 160 different types of currencies in its accounting for your company? Well, it can! Similar to ServiceM8, Xero has invoicing, quoting, and reporting capabilities, and most of these great features can be synced from ServiceM8 too if you prefer to do things that way.

Sending Your First Job from ServiceM8 to Xero

Because ServiceM8 and Xero’s capabilities overlap a little bit, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to figure out how to send invoices or jobs from ServiceM8 to Xero. But really, it’s just a few simple steps that can be easily found on ServiceM8’s website.

Before ServiceM8 will send invoices to Xero, the job must be marked as complete. To do this, go to the dispatch board on ServiceM8 and open the job. Then, change the job status to completed, and click save.

After you’ve marked the job completed, click on the Invoicing section, and find the Awaiting Approval tab. Your job should be sitting in this section. All completed jobs will be sent here for you to approve before they can be sent to Xero. To send it, simply tick the box next to the job and select the Approve button. After you’ve clicked Approve, the job will start syncing to Xero, signified by a spinning circle.

If there are issues with the transfer, a red cross will appear in place of the circle. When the process is successfully completed, though, a green checkmark will appear.

How Well do ServiceM8 and Xero Work Together?

Sometimes, programs like this don’t work super well together, but ServiceM8 and Xero are known for being very compatible with each other. ServiceM8 has been rated 4.6/5 stars in over 100 reviews from Xero users, with many of them giving the same positive feedback.

A number of reviewers in the Xero App Store provide very positive feedback on how well Xero and ServiceM8 work together. The glowing reviews found on Xero’s website report professional design, a more efficient work process, and complete avoidance of duplicates across both systems.

It’s not hard to understand why these reviews are so great. While exploring ServiceM8’s website, potential users will see many opportunities to sign up for ServiceM8 through Xero. It’s almost like the two programs were made to be used together. Because Xero is used for so many different types of companies, it’s harder to find information about ServiceM8 on their website, unless you navigate to the Xero App Store. The following are listed on ServiceM8’s website as ways that Xero and ServiceM8 work together.

  • Customers and items sync automatically between Xero and ServiceM8.
  • Payments received on the job are automatically synced from Xero to ServiceM8 or from ServiceM8 to Xero.
  • Tax rates are imported to ServiceM8 automatically from Xero.
  • For Australian customers, staff members’ time sheets can be sent from ServiceM8 to Xero as employee timesheets


These awesome syncing capabilities, combined with all of ServiceM8’s and Xero’s individual features, make these two programs a great idea for any small business hoping to grow, or just to be more efficient.