Is ServiceM8 Cloud Based?

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ServiceM8 is an app used to help small business owners help manage and organize their businesses. Since there is very important information on the app, users want to ensure that their information will be safe. Cloud-based privacy has been deemed to be the most secure, so Service M8 users are concerned whether or not the app has cloud-based security.

ServiceM8 is a cloud-based, rather than on premise-based, application. The application also uses two-step authentication, Amazon Web Services, backups, transferrable data, and bank-grade security to ensure that user’s information does not become compromised.

It is important to ensure that the business and customer’s information is safe, so learn more about ServiceM8’s security by reading on.

What Security Measures Does ServiceM8 Use

In order to keep information safe, ServiceM8 uses a variety of security measures to ensure that information does not get leaked or stolen.

Account Activity

If you go into the account activity on the ServiceM8 app, there is a 90-day activity log that displays who has been accessing the account, as well as any actions and changes. This page on the app also shows users the IP address, location, and time. If business owners think there has been any suspicious activity on their account, they are able to use Account Activity to find out if there have been any unauthorized changes.

In order to access Account Activity, simply go onto the “Settings” page, then “ServiceM8 Account”, and then “View Account Activity” (link). If there is any suspicious activity, you may choose to cancel your account and remove your data at the ServiceM8 Account page.

Two-Step Authentication

In order to have even more security, ServiceM8 has optional two-step authentication. ServiceM8 will simply send you a code that you will have to type into the app. The reason that the app uses this is just to ensure that the account-holder is using the app on their own devices and to protect them from any unauthorized usage.

Automatic Backups

Every 5 minutes, your ServiceM8 app is backed up to the cloud in multiple locations around the world. This is done to ensure that you don’t lose any precious data from your account. Not only does the app save automatically, you can choose to save a file of the account to your device on a Zip file.

Sometimes, it is necessary for businesses to keep a local copy of their information. In order to save your ServiceM8 onto a local Zip file, you will simply go to the “Settings” page, “ServiceM8 Account,” and then “Download Account Backup.”

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Amazon Web Services

In order to create a safer app, it is best to have a third party be in charge of the security. ServiceM8 ensures customers’ privacy by having Amazon Web Services be in charge of the app’s security. This platform has chosen to use Amazon Services because it has been ranked as the leader of Cloud Security for 11 consecutive years (link). Users can have peace of mind knowing that ServiceM8 has the best Cloud Security on the market.

One of the best services that Amazon offers is their Data Versioning (link). If you lose any information at all, Amazon will be able to retrieve it at any time from the day that you created your account. So, don’t worry if you lose any information on your ServiceM8 account because there are many ways to retrieve it again.

Bank-grade Security

ServiceM8 also boasts a bank-grade security system. The servers have been secured by secure sockets layer (or SSL) certificates from Amazon. In fact, the security, or encryption, is just as secure as any banking system in the US.

Transferrable Data

If you have had one of your Apple devices lost or stolen, you will still be able to access your ServiceM8 account remotely from an iPad or Apple computer. For further safety, the management platform also encrypts data that is transferred from one device to another.

If you want access to be removed on one of your Apple devices, that can be performed remotely on another Apple device. This way, if you are worried that someone will gain access to your business’s information from your lost or stolen device, you can simply revoke access on another device.

How Are Cloud-Based Apps More Secure than On-Premise Based Security Apps

There are a number of reasons that cloud-based apps are more secure than security that is offered on-premises. One of the major reasons is that if a company uses a reputable brand, such as Amazon, there are servers all over the world that are capable of storing data. It’s important to mention that cloud-based security companies also send it to multiple servers all over the world so that if one server crashes, all of the data won’t be lost.

On-premise based security cannot make this same commitment. If any of the data is lost or stolen, it may not be possible to retrieve it again. Another benefit of cloud-based security is that your small business won’t have to hire any security employees for your data. When you team up with a cloud-based app like ServiceM8, they take care of that for you. The data is heavily guarded 24/7, ensuring that data is nearly impossible to physically steal.

Of course, it can be hard to put trust in a third party when it comes to the security of your information, but they have been shown to be much safer in comparison to on-premise security. Luckily, ServiceM8 uses Amazon Web Services as the security, which is a highly rated company for cloud security.

What Important Information is Stored on ServiceM8

If you use ServiceM8, you know that a wealth of information is stored on the platform. Information such as payment methods, DM notifications, emails, addresses, personal customer information and more are all stored on the app. Take a look at what other information is stored on the ServiceM8 official website.

The information that is on your ServiceM8 account may be used in several ways, which may include:

  • Respond to user’s enquiries and requests
  • Training and marketing
  • Sending feedback

Overall, ServiceM8 is dedicated to providing quality services and confidentiality to you and your business. It’s very important that this management platform utilizes cloud-based security services to ensure that your information is secure.