What Is the Best Payroll Software for Australian Construction?

Finding a payroll software system that works for you and your company can be difficult. You want something user-friendly, fast, and easy, but what payroll software is best?

The best payroll software for Australian construction is KeyPay and Deputy. There are a handful of great payroll options, but these two are great for scheduling, paying, and easy-to-read timesheets. KeyPay is an award-winning system that is trustworthy, simple, and reliable for all payroll needs.

Many construction companies want to move over to different payroll software, but some are complicated and difficult to use. The brands listed below are all highly rated and recommended for how well they work, so keep reading to learn more about what payroll software is best for your company and why.


KeyPay is an online program accessed through a web browser. It also has has a mobile app that is available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play, which is great because you and any employee can get the app and see the posted information on most devices. The manager or boss in charge of payroll can set everything up on the site. They can download the software and set it up with the employees involved in the company. Then, employees can set up their accounts and see their schedules and the hours they’ve worked.

This system has many features that make payroll all the easier for you and your employees. Plus, KeyPay gives you a free trial, so you can test out the system and see if it works well for you and the company. This way, if you want to change it, you can stop using it without being out of money. And, if you end up liking it, then you can simply purchase it and start using it for your payroll needs.

Some of KeyPay’s features include Automate, Single Touch Payroll Reporting, Award Interpretation, Pay Conditions Engine, Employee Self Service, Reports, Integration, Rostering, Time and Attendance, and Pay Slip Templates. (Source)

The Automate feature is great for simplifying payroll. Instead of manually re-inputting in hours and other information, this system keeps track of that for you, giving you more time to focus on other work. It takes care of tasks like payroll calculations, publishing pay slips, importing timesheets, and sending reports. It also has a lot of “what if?” situations already inside its system so if a situation you didn’t expect comes up, the software knows how to adjust to it for you. You can also pick what features you want to control manually and what you want KeyPay to take care of automatically.

Single Touch Payroll Reporting allows you to be stress-free as you will have a single source of data for both your payroll and STP information. No more need to stress importing and exporting data. STP errors are reduced using Keypays pre-lodgement validation functionality before lodging a pay event. This makes your job easier, and it helps take extra tasks off of your to-do list.

Award Interpretation makes it easier for you to pay employees correctly and accurately every payday. You also have conditions already set in the system that adjust payments according to overtime, time off, leave, and more. It updates according to new changes in the system constantly, and it can give you more accurate numbers than manual payroll calculation alone.

Pay Conditions Engine is a way for you to customize your payment system to you and the company. You can set up awards and modify them for specific scenarios. You can also build rules for Enterprise Agreements into KeyPay and automate payroll calculations.

Employee Self Service portal is the system employees have on their end, and it is how they access all of the information they need about scheduling and more. Employees can input information about themselves and create their own profiles. Employees can also find information about scheduling on the app. They can also manually log and edit their timesheets, and it will notify managers, asking for approval. It saves both employees and managers a lot of time and money. They can use more automated systems and not rely on others putting information in for them.

Reports are calculated and made automatically for your convenience. KeyPay can make payroll reports for you easily, and it gives you one less thing to worry about. It can also run audit reports, and it gives you lots of information about each pay period.

The Integration feature helps you connect with the cloud, and it is flexible and adjusts to help you save information. Rostering helps you create shifts based on your business’s hours and people, and you can easily adjust the schedule to fit your company’s needs. Employees can also be notified about their shifts in advance through text, email, or notifications from the app.

The Time and Attendance feature helps with clocking in and out. Employees can clock in and out, easily and the information can be used in the payroll. It also works for different working scenarios, like working from home or working on the go.

Pay Slip Templates are great because you can customize your pay slip according to your needs and your business. It is easy, fast, and it can be changed depending on your needs.

This KeyPay is easy to use, and it has everything you need already set up for you. You can easily get your employees set up with this system and start payroll with an efficient software system.


Deputy is another great system for payroll. Your needs and your employees’ needs are well met with this software, and you have access to great features too. Being able to make the constant payroll work easier is necessary. You can schedule, pay, and set up so many great features that will help you and your employees.

The main features with Deputy are scheduling, time tracking, the time clock app, labour compliance tools, the mobile app, and integrations. Using these features to set up your new payroll system will make your job much easier and less time-consuming. (Source)

Scheduling is exactly what it sounds like—a way to schedule employees at work. You can set up your employees, the time they will work, the shifts they cover, the days they work, and more. You can easily move around the times employees work to different days if it needs to be adjusted too. You can build a schedule, share it with the employees, and plan out the weeks very well so you never run into problems with being short-staffed. You can use the auto-scheduling to get started and adjust from there as you need.

Time tracking is another essay and a great feature to use for you and your employees. You can record timesheets and send them over to the payroll software with ease. It keeps manual typing of information to an absolute minimum because of the simple and fast way calculating payroll is done for you. Employees can start their shift, end their shift, start and end a lunch break, and more. It is easy, and all of the timesheet information is saved in the software so you can easily pass it onto payroll.

The time clock app is a great tool for employees to use. It is how your employees can clock in and out for work, and it sends the information to your software system so that you get accurate hours to record and log. Then, it helps make the payroll more accurate because it uses the employees’ clock in and out time.

The Deputy mobile app can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play. It helps employees see their schedule and helps them be able to connect to other team members. Employees can swap and trade shifts easily, and it makes clocking in and out easy as well with facial recognition.


ELMO is another payroll software that has the ability to customize to your needs. Making a schedule that fits your business hours, calculating hours, keeping track of time and attendance, and more are all things you need in your software.

They have a great layout of the services that their product offers. ELMO makes things like paying employees, engaging with coworkers, hiring, retaining information, developing your business, and predicting outcomes much easier. You can set up your company or business with a great and easy-to-use payroll system that both you and your employees will love and find convenient.

You can work on making scheduling and payroll more efficient with this software, and you can work on recruitment as well. There are excellent features included in ELMO, and many businesses find them useful and great to use.


This company is focused on all of the finances and accounting tasks that you have to handle. Xero helps you to pay bills, claim expenses, make banking connections, accept payments, track projects, pay payroll, manage contacts, and more. They are focused on making all of the accounting jobs that you have to do a lot simpler and easier.

You can set employees up and pay them through the system, and you can handle any external finances with this software as well. It is great for both employees and managers, and you can have access to a lot more financial help than some other payroll software companies provide.

At Accountix, we love Xero as an accounting package however when it comes to complex payroll and payslip requirements such as those required many construction industry Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, Xero doesn’t have the functionality required and we look to KeyPay for payroll, which integrates very well with Xero as an accounting package. Xero handles simple payroll well though.


You can get a lot of great features with Access. They offer great payroll features for any size workforce. You can track hours and schedule employees, and improve workforce efficiency and compliance with their workforce management solutions.

Access is great for companies and businesses that want a flexible and scalable payroll solution.


This company was founded in Australia and was specifically made for Australian businesses and companies. MYOB offers tech support 7 days a week and has great monthly prices for their software.

They have 4 different levels you can purchase, and you can try each of them out for free for 30 days. They are catered towards growing businesses, and they offer prices at $24, $50, $120 and $160 a month, with the two lower priced packages charging an additional $1.50 per employee per month for payroll. The higher you go the more features you have, but if you have a small business, then paying more for what you need isn’t necessary. You might only need some features, and others not all. So, look at the MYOB Business Lite, MYOB Business Pro, MYOB Business AccountRight Plus and the MYOB Business AccountRight Premier to find the right software system for you.


This is a great accounting software for all businesses. QuickBook starts plans at $22 a month for their Simple Start Plan and go up to $52 for their Plus Plan. Once you select a package plan you then have the option to upgrade from Standard Payroll to Advanced Payroll for an additional $10 per month .

This company is great for the easy comprehension of their apps. Both employees and managers can learn how to use this software and use it efficiently. Both payroll packages come with a free onboarding session, employee portal, timesheets, single touch reporting, automated super payments and leave management. The Advanced Payroll package has in addition award rates, rostering, and time and attendance tracking.

All of these companies are great options for both big and small companies and businesses. Many people use these software systems for updating their payroll to a new and easier-to-use payroll system. Businesses now want to handle all of their needs in one place. So, being able to schedule employees shifts, allowing them to have access to their own profile and be able to connect with and trade shifts with other co-workers, and being able to handle all financial doings through one place is the top priority.

People love using the companies above because a wide range of functionality, information and the ease of completing all of the financial tasks with how great their software is set up. Businesses can trust and rely on these companies for any questions and issues regarding the software, and they can receive help and instructions at any time. If you are looking for new payroll software for your Australian construction company, looking at the companies listed above is a great place to start.