How to Link Reece to Xero – Through Reece Max or Hubdoc

For people in trades like plumbing, electrical, construction, and more, Xero is a great way for them to organize their finances. As an Australia-based trade supply company, Reece offers delivery and pickup of supplies that tradespeople need to get their jobs done. If you are a tradesperson who uses these companies, linking Reece to Xero ensures that invoices finalized at Reece will automatically be sent to your Xero account so you can factor them into your finances.

To link Reece to Xero, login to your maX account on the Reece website and click “Manage Account.” Select “Linked Applications” and then choose “Link” in the section for Xero. This will launch the Xero website, where your request to link sites can be approved. 

We will cover information you may need to know about these companies, including a step-by-step instruction guide for linking Reece to Xero. We will also include the benefits of utilizing accounting software like Xero in the running of businesses, both small and large.

What is Xero?

“Pay bills, claim expenses, connect to banks, calculate pay, track projects, make paymentsa payment and accounting integration that makes bookwork a breeze” -Xero company website

Xero is a company founded in New Zealand which provides online accounting software for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is listed of the Australian Securities Exchange, has over 3 million subscribers and in excess of 4,000 employees.

The company is cloud-based, meaning that the platform is all online, and works in tandem with other partners in trade- including Reece- to manage invoices and keep track of your company’s finances. Xero has many functions, from categorizing bank transactions and managing your monthly profits to updating you when customers have opened your invoices and helping you keep tabs on your overall cash flow.

Basically, Xero manages the money side of your business. It can even help you collaborate with your company accountant, bookkeeper, and the rest of your team. Xero also protects your data with industrial-level encryption to minimise the risk of vital information being accessed by unauthorised users.

What is Reece?

Reece is Australia’s largest single supplier of bathroom and plumbing supplies. Since its founding in 1920, the company has worked alongside tradespeople to supply to the following industries: bathroom and kitchen, commercial, plumbing, irrigation and pools, civil, electric, fire, and HVAC-R (heating, cooling, and refrigeration).

Basically, if you are a trade worker- a plumber, concrete finisher, tiler, electrician, etc.- and you live in Australia, there is a good chance you will be purchasing from this company on a pretty frequent basis. In parts of Australia Reece offers trade delivery and pickup, whenever and wherever you need it, whether that is a construction site or a customer’s home. They also have an “express” option available for more rushed orders. Whatever supplies you need to do your job, Reese has you covered!

What Does it Mean to Link?

What does Xero, an online accounting software, have to do with a trade supply company like Reese? Well, they’re software integrates!

To make it easier for its users to track invoices and payments made when filling customer orders, Xero has linked up with a number of popular business supply companies, labelled as “premium partners.” These premium partners include Mitre10 TradeCentre, Next Business Energy, CSR Connect, Bill Identity, Uber for Business, BP, Ampol, Actrol, Metalflex, and Reece.

When you link Reece with Xero, any invoices finalized at Reece will automatically be sent over to Xero, streamlining your paperwork and taking the burden off of you to organize everything yourself. If you are using one of the other partners listed above, connecting that account to Xero will also result in your purchase invoices being sent immediately to Xero.

Linking Xero to Reece through Reece Max

Reece Max an account portal specific to Reece customers who are looking to access Reece’s product pricing, make online purchases, build product lists, and calculate customer quotes. The easiest way to link Reece with Xero is to go through your Reece Max account.

  1. First, you’ll want to login to your Reece Max account. See the link to the account login here.

2. Next, click “Manage Account.”

3. Go to “Linked Applications,” and select “Xero” as your option. This will launch the connection on the Xero website.

4. Login to Xero. See the link to the account login page here.

5. Approve access.

6. Complete the process by doing the configuration steps, which will be available on the Xero website after you have approved access.

Login to your Reece account portal for more information on how to connect.

Linking Xero to Reece through Hubdoc 

Hubdoc is a document collection system owned by Xero

Prior to 2022 it was possible to have Reece invoices directly import into Hubdoc using fetch connections, making it then possible to transfer the invoice across to Xero through the Hubdoc integration with Xero. With the evolution in technology this service is being retired in April 2022, with no new standard fetch connections able to be set up from 31 January 2022. Notification of the changes to fetch can be found on Xero’s blog